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A healthy body is truly a vessel of a healthy mind. Since time immemorial, we have adapted to knowledge and have been taking care of ourselves as best as we can. In today’s advanced age, healthcare is a booming segment internationally. There are some leading healthcare centers and multi-specialty hospitals all over the world that are renowned for offering global-class healthcare and treatment. Today, it has become easier and more convenient to find a specialist to advise you about a medical disorder, ailment or injury you suffer from and get the best treatment almost anywhere in the world.

Widestate Medicare – Widest range of services

Widestate Medicare has been providing the most efficient assistance to patients from various countries to travel to abroad destinations and get convenient and affordable treatment for their medical problems. Widestate Medicare is a comprehensive medical tourism assistance provider that has a team of in-house doctors and medical specialists, along with a list of high-quality hospitals and affordable treatment options to provide the best service to patients.

Widestate Medicare helps you at each step

These are the types of assistance that Widestate Medicare will provide you, as a patient, travelling from your home to any of the international destinations for medical treatment:

First contact

Once you get in touch with Widestate Medicare, you are entitled to a long list of effective services that are there to make your travel, lodging and treatment as convenient as possible.

Our Response

After your first contact with the gist of your problem, one of our in-house medical specialty consultants will contact you. This call will be your initial contact with the medical consultant and further instructions will follow to guide you.

Sending Medical Details

The medical consultant might ask you to submit further evidence of your problem, in the form of medical reports, MRI and other tests and diagnostic scans, etc. These details are kept completely confidential and shared on a secure basis with our extensive panel of medical experts who then analyze your case to evaluate it.

Evaluating your Case

After our team of experts has evaluated your case by our team of expert will then contact you with every suitable treatment option possible for you. These will include a number of doctors or surgeons from our network of medical specialists and surgical experts. You might also be given a choice between various suitable hospitals and healthcare centers where you can get the best treatment.

Managing your Travel

After you have selected the doctor/surgeon you wish to get the treatment from as well as the hospital of your choice, you will be informed about all possible dates of travel. Once the travel date is finalized we will make all arrangements, such as booking tickets for you to reach your destination to arranging for conveyance to hotel or hospital in the city you choose. Widestate Medicare aims to always provide patients with a comfortable travel itinerary for best convenience.

Best Treatment

Widestate Medicare caters to patients from all over the world. We are proficient in managing complete traveling and lodging arrangements for each patient as well as any family or relatives accompanying them. Widestate Medicare has connections to the best and most renowned hospitals in India, UK, US, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and Dubai, to name a few, which are most popular with patients from abroad.

Post-Treatment Service

Widestate Medicare services include taking care of you all along the way. From the time you leave your home town and travel back to it, Widestate Medicare will be there to help you each day. Every conceivable post-treatment care is provided to ensure that your return back home is comfortable and safe.

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