High Quality Ileostomy Surgery Options

Price :- From $ 5000

Ileostomy surgery at low cost and high quality is now within reach through WideState Medicare. Our nurses arrange all aspects of your treatment and will act as your patient advocate.

What is an ileostomy?

The ileum is the lower section of the small bowel. It connects to the large bowel. If a portion of the large bowel has to be removed due to bowel disease, ileostomy surgery is performed.

An ileostomy creates an opening in the ileum to allow waste elimination. An ileostomy can be either temporary or permanent. Medical conditions, which may cause the necessity for an ileostomy, are:

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Colostomy Surgery Options

Price :- From $ 5500

What is a colostomy?

A colostomy is major surgery that creates an opening (known as a “stoma”) in the colon to permit waste to exit outside the body into a pouch attached to the abdomen. Generally, in a colostomy, part of or the entire colon is removed.

A colostomy may be permanent or temporary, depending on the medical condition that has necessitated the surgery. A temporary colostomy is to allow the colon to rest after surgery.

In time, the two sections of the colon will be reconnected and the bowels will work in the normal fashion. A permanent colostomy is customarily performed when the rectum or most of the colon is removed.

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Colorectal Surgery

Price :- From $ After Evaluation

Why is Colorectal Surgery needed?

Colorectal surgery is mainly done to repair any kind of damage suffered by a patient’s anus, rectum or colon. This damage to these parts could be the result of a medical disorder, disease of the lower intestinal passageway, injury/obstruction as well as damaged blood vessels that require surgical procedure for repairing.

At times, abnormal tissue mass, or scar tissue can be seen developing within the rectum, which results in blocking the natural passing of bowels. There are also other common medical diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis that are known to cause damage to the rectum. Removing the obstruction or treating these parts with surgical procedures is known to be the ideal treatment method for restoring normal bowel movement and overall health in the patient.

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