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Widestate is a medical tourism company providing complete assistance for medical treatment in India. Our medical experts support international patients starting from airport pickup till hospital discharge.

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Medical Treatment in India

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Celebrities Who Have Battled Cancer

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Yuvraj Singh

We can’t start without mentioning Yuvraj and his battle with lung cancer. It was in the middle of the World Cup 2011 when Yuvraj started having symptoms of lung cancer. It was later diagnosed that he was suffering from stage-1 lung cancer and was taken for a chemotherapy session in the USA. Fortunately, he was able to recover by the end of 2012 and returned back to the play his favorite game.

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Liza Ray

The model-turned-actor was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2009. It is a rare disease and is associated with the plasma cells that are present in our bone marrow. The rare condition can be minimized, but is not curable. Though in 2010, she was successfully treated, but it changed Ray’s life for sure.

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Barbara Mori

Though Barbara is not of Indian origin, but she won our hearts when she made her debut in Bollywood with Kites. The Mexican beauty was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and has been working for cancer awareness ever since.

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