I had been a heavy smoker since my 20s and now entering my late 50s. I was diagnosed with lung cancer of the first stage around 10 months ago. You can imagine my shock even though I always knew it was a high risk due to my habit. I finally decided to do something about it and searched for all available options. Knowing how expensive treatment for cancer can be I searched for more affordable options and came across Widestate Medicare. When the expert oncology consultants studied my case, they advised lung cancer removal surgery in India. I immediately agreed as it was perfectly within my budget. After undergoing surgery more than 7 months ago my doctor informs me that there is no sign of recurrence at all. My special thanks to Widestate Medicare for the excellent hospitality and treatment.

MADBAR From Bangladesh
Lung Cancer/Oncology Treatment in Delhi, India

I have never been happy with my nose. I found it to be abnormally long, have an above-average face and the nose was the only one thing that seemed to be standing between my ambitions to become a model. After I started searching for affordable and efficient rhinoplasty, I came across Widestate Medicare. The expert cosmetic consultants gave me the best advice on everything I needed to know. After travelling to India and getting my nose job done, I am very happy to say that the past two months have seen more modeling assignments coming my way than I ever imagined. Thanks to Widestate Medicare for the wonderful advice and all the help.

Hasassah From Nigeria
Cosmetic Surgery in India

Being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at just 45 years of age tends to be very stressful. Apart from the fact that it is a cancer and a fatal risk, I am a family man and was more worried. My wife immediately began her search for the best treatment options and came across Widestate Medicare online. After consultation with the neurology experts I decided to undergo the required neurosurgery in the UK. WideState Medicare helped me to connect with the best neurosurgeons in Britain. It has been more than 6 months and after my complete recovery the doctor tells me the risk of the tumor, recurring has marginalized. Thank you Widestate Medicare for helping me so much indeed.

Shaaban From kenya
Neurosurgery in India

I started suffering from intense pain in my lower left side around 5 months back but ignored it for a couple of months. When the pain became too intense and frequent, I finally went for a medical checkup. The doctor then informed me about the large kidney stone that I had. I found out that the surgery to remove it was quite expensive in America. I began to search for better options when I found Widestate Medicare online. I consulted about my case with the expert neurologists there. As advised, I travelled to India and underwent the kidney stone removal surgery at the hands of one of the country’s best urology surgeons. It has been two months now and my doctor tells me there is no risk of the kidney stones coming back. I want thank Widestate Medicare and the expert consultants for a successful surgery.

Derbia From Ethiopia
Urology Surgery in India

I have been suffering from mild arthritis since more than 10 years now. Finally, reaching the age of almost 60 years it took a toll on my knees when the doctor told me the more frequent and intense pain in the knee was due to the severe damage the knee suffered. I considered all options and decided to undergo a knee replacement surgery. After I found about the excellent services provided by Widestate Medicare from a friend I immediately got in contact with them. After the in-house orthopedic consultants informed me about everything, I needed to know I decided to get the surgery done in America itself. I was fortunate to get one of the states best orthopedic to perform the replacement with artificial knee joint implants. It has been more than 3 months now and I can no longer feel a severe pain. Thank you all at Widestate Medicare and keep up the good work.”

Cherkachshenko From KAZAKHSTAN
Joint Replacement Surgery in India

I had severe diabetes since last 12 years. Around 6 months ago, my doctor informed me that my left kidney was not functioning and due to my condition, I should seek a kidney transplant. Realizing the immense task ahead, my wife and I immediately started to search for the best-in-class organ transplant specialist and came across Widestate Medicare. When we realized that the transplant could be done in a few weeks time due to the availability of a matching donor I was more than thankful. It has been a little more than 2 months and my doctor tells me that the immense improvement shown in monthly medical examinations show no risk of organ rejection. I truly appreciate the good effort that Widestate Medicare and its expert medical consultants are putting in providing efficient and affordable healthcare to all.

González From Somalia
Organ Transplant Surgeryin India

My doctor had already warned me about the malfunctioning heart valve and had advised me to get a heart replacement treatment done as fast as possible. I was told this is important to avoid fatal complications from arising. I was very worried, as I understood the complex nature of the valve replacement surgery. However, all my fears and concerns were completely gone once I consulted the experts at Widestate Medicare who renowned cardiac surgeon in the UK. This finally allowed me to have the heart valve replacement surgery and now I am perfectly healthy. I wish to convey gratitude to the cardiac specialists and consultants at Widestate Medicare for helping me so immensely.connected me with the most

Abdi From Republic of Somaliland
Cardiac Surgery in India

I was diagnosed with damaged knee joint around a year ago by my physician. Being almost 70 did not wish to undergo an increasingly risky or expensive treatment or surgery. That is when a friend told me about Widestate Medicare. I found out more about their services and met the expert orthopedic consultants at WideState Medicare. I agreed to undergo hip replacement surgery in India as it was comparatively less expensive and the surgery did not require waiting at all. Today, I can easily move around and even climb stairs with ease.

Williams From USA
Hip Replacement surgery in India

Being a professional football player I always knew my choice of profession is fraught with severe injuries. Last year I suffered a severe damage to my spine due to a miscalculated tackle. I ended up in the hospital with the doctors advising me on the huge risk that the spine surgery might create. I friend suggested Widestate Medicare and I consulted them online. After been satisfied with their experience I chose to go to India for the surgery. Thanks to the huge expertise & assistance provided by Widestate Medicare for my successful spinal surgery in India.

AHMED From Sultanate of Oman
spine surgery in India

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